Meet Our Staff

The Firehouse has a highly qualified staff of certified instructors. Each of our instructors teach a variety of classes, such as Cardio Kickboxing and Cycling express. You can find a full list of our classes here and our current class schedule here.

Laura Johnson

AFAA Certified Group Instructor
TRX Certified Trainer

After many years as a participant in group exercise classes, Laura decided to earn her certification so that she could assist others in reaching their own fitness goals. From Kickboxing and Strength Building, to Cycling and Boot Camp, Laura loves motivating her participants to push themselves beyond their comfort zone and reap the benefits of exercise, both mental and physical. In her free time, you can find Laura either on her paddleboard, or training for her current passion, Spartan Races.


Sandi Lavoy

AFAA Certified Group Instructor
AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
TRX Certified Trainer
NASM Certified Performance Specialist

In 1989, Sandi introduced Sandi’s Aerobics to Big Timber. Since then she has consistently worked in the fitness field, including personal training, and in 2013 she completed her Performance Enhancement Specialist Certification.  She also works the front desk part time and teaches various group fitness classes including Water Aerobics, PiYo, Cardio/Strength, and much more!

Jodey Dance

Certified Zumba Instructor
Certified Zumba Gold Instructor

As her name would imply, Jodey Dance has a deep passion for dancing and has been doing so for 30 years. Starting at the age of 24 she quickly found a particular passion for Latin Dancing. It was therefore a natural transition for her to move into Zumba Fitness when it started to gain momentum. Jodey found that because of her love for dance, passion for fitness, and abilities to teach others; she discovered that she had the ideal combination of skills to help others realize the same joy that she has been receiving from this type of class format for so many years. Jodey feels that one of the best ways to celebrate life is to dance, and now as a Zumba instructor, she’s excited to share the fun.

Mary Ann Duffey

Spinning & Power Pump Certifications

Mary Ann has one of the most diverse backgrounds of any of the instructors that are part of The Firehouse team. First becoming certified in 1989, then continuing on to gain a variety of additional certifications, Mary Ann prefers to lead classes that can be enjoyed by people of any fitness level – be it the ones that are new to classes in general, or even the experienced athletes. Her classes tend to focus on routines that are easy to learn, yet extremely effective at getting all major muscle groups toned and conditioned. “My fitness classes are meant to be used for participants to get in shape to further enjoy their favorite pastimes and activities, such as hiking, biking, and skiing.”

Julia Turner

Certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor
Licensed Nutritionist

Julia has enjoyed a long career of educating others on nutrition using a holistic, integrative approach. Yoga has always been a part of her fitness routine and when she was offered an opportunity to lead a yoga group, she decided to pursue her certification as a yoga instructor and currently enjoys teaching group classes. She loves helping others reap all the mind/body benefits that yoga has to offer. And one of her greatest rewards as a yoga teacher is to see the peaceful, contented look on the faces of students as they emerge from their final resting pose at the end of a class.

Angie Durfee

AFAA Certified Group Instructor

Angie  was encouraged by a great friend to pursue her love for working out even further, and she recently received her certification in May of 2017.  Although Angie is new to instructing group fitness, she has actively participated in fitness and sports for many years. She would love to step along side you on your fitness journey and looks forward to sharing her passion with you, as it is empowering, therapeutic and beneficial to the mind, body and spirit.