Summer News

Featured Class

Water Aerobics

A fun class for all abilities and ages!  This class uses water resistance to get an effective workout while minimizing joint impact.  It is a fun change of pace for those in need of a change in their workout, and it’s also a great way to begin a workout program.  We only get a few months of this class, don’t miss out! No swimming ability required.

Featured Class

Boot Camp

A popular, high-energy, fun and challenging class! Whether it be a circuit format, or a high intensity interval class, you will be challenged to keep up with your classmates and push through to the finish. Each class is different every time, but always motivating!

Healthy Tidbits

According to Health magazine, working out in a group class setting can be better for your mental well-being than working out solo. Read the full article here.

If you are looking for a more intense workout than traditional Zumba but still want to the music integrated into the workout, this STRONG by Zumba workout by Shape magazine is just your thing.

Also, here is a great Paleo granola recipe to try by Simply Nourished Recipes.

Quick Reminders

We want to give a big thanks to all of our members and give a few reminders to help keep the gym clean and tidy for everyone. Don’t forget to clean your shoes before going on the gym floor.  We really appreciate you helping us keep the gym so clean! Also, please remember to put equipment back after you are done, so the next member can use it! Thank you!

Spartan Photos

Ten Firehouse members completed just under 4,000 feet of elevation climb in the 13 mile, 31 obstacle course race in Big Fork, MT. Are you interested in doing a Spartan Race? Join us! There are 3 different levels of races, beginning at 3-5 miles, and going up to 13+ miles, so there is something for everyone!